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Our Story

Nacolby’s House is named after my 1st born child. Nacolby was born as a typical child, but at the age of 3 was diagnosed with “Rett Syndrome” a neurological disorder that causes most girls to lose their ability to walk and talk, devastating at first; but I prayed and found my strength being renewed daily, and at that moment I realize that the Lord was using our lives to bless others who have a similarity in their home.

Nacolby’s House was established in 2008 as a nonprofit organization to release limitations and enhance a fulfilled life for all the special “Angels”.

Nacolby's House, Incorporated is a non-profit organization born out of the need to help those with disabilities; however, we partner with organizations who assist people in need in many ways.  We have volunteered to help clothe those who are in need, help care for those who don’t have resources for personal support and feed families that find it difficult either by finance or physical challenges.  Nacolby’s House strives to help organizations that make avenues for not only disabled children but those that propel foster care and adoption.  We are also honored to have helped some of our employees who are furthering their career in healthcare by providing book scholarships.

From the desk of the Atlanta Office Director Carla Kinsey

Atlanta is a vast city with complex populations in need of care and quality services.  In an ever-growing metropolitan area such as Atlanta, there is a large aging population who needs the kind and competent care that is provided by Nacolby’s House.

As we uphold all the values of the fervent mission and vision of Nacolby’s House Inc., we in the Atlanta Office would like to extend an extra invitation to families that have children with special needs.  We are well aware of the great need for caregivers who relate to these children and young adults.  We invite those who have the essential experience and love for this population to please apply and become a part of this devoted organization.

Carla Kinsey BIO

Years ago after having my daughter, I was asked to take a job that led me to be in close communication with people in facilities that were mentally and physically challenged.  Little did I know that I would come into a life where I was constantly among this population.  Like the Founder of Nacolby’s House, I too have a child with different abilities.  During the years of loving this child, I found a love for caring and advocating for people like her and their families.  My business background includes business services, real estate, merchandising, sales and more importantly, service coordination and advocating for those with special needs.  So far, it has been a wonderful association with Nacolby’s House and there is so much more to come!

Nacolby House is honored to share the names of the Board Members who are faithful in making the dream a reality through their hard work and dedication.

Executive Board Members

Tredrick Booze - Sr. President
Deborah Jennings - Booze, Chief Executive Officer

Board Members

H. Orlando Johnson - Treasurer
Anthony Churakah - Advisor
C’mone Smith - Plan Coodinator

A Career with Nacolby’s House Inc., is an opportunity to share your expertise, talents, and passion with the desire to make a difference in someone’s life. Being a member of the NHI team is like being a part of a large family, as well as having a career opportunity that offers great benefits and competitive salaries. We recognize how our organization is greatly enhanced when we unite people with various experiences and backgrounds to accomplish one common goal: to assist in fulfilling the lives of others.

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